Three Top Picks For Restaurants When Dining Out In Goodlettsville TN

Goodlettsville is a smaller city not too far from Nashville, and part of the city is actually in the same county as Nashville, Davidson County. For a smaller city, Goodlettsville still has a nice selection of over 60 restaurants to choose from when you want to dine out. Let’s identify three of the best places to eat in the city of Goodlettsville TN.

A diner called Liz’s Kitchen located at 107 A Memorial Drive is one of the best Goodlettsville restaurants. This is a country cooking lunch experience that you don’t want to miss. People say that the restaurant can get a little crowded, and as for the food, some menu items include biscuits, banana pudding, catfish and ribs. Reviews say that you can expect great service at Liz’s Restaurant, too.

Now it’s time to take a look at Chef’s Market, which is located on Conference Drive. Pot roast and meatloaf are served up there, as well as what is called hot chicken salad. The desserts sound good, too, and two of them are turtle cheesecake and strawberry cake. It should be mentioned that this place is a cafeteria style restaurant, but that’s fine in my book. And just wait until you taste the food.

For the third Goodlettsville restaurant, let’s take a look at Pancho Villa Grill. Located on Long Hollow Pike, Pancho Villa Grill is known for its margarita specials and delicious Mexican cuisine. Reviews recommend the fajitas, as well as other great dishes.

That round of three restaurants in Goodlettsville will satisfy you for sure. These are establishments that locals as well as visitors to the area rave about. Liz’s Kitchen and its country cooking almost can’t be beat. But you might also want to make sure that you shake things up a little, and the market as well as Mexican food and margaritas sounds great.